Our image-based verification and authentication platform is the perfect place for you to reach engaged audiences that are actually participating with the ad technology, for guaranteed attention from your target audiences. 

Website visitors must actively participate in solving our verification puzzles in order to complete a task on the site.

By advertising within our platform, your target audience is actively looking for and participating with your ads. This guarantees their attention and also provides a higher level of brand recognition and recall.Innovative Advertising Solutions

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Our technology lives at points of consumer interaction. Website visitors complete the verification challenge when logging in, downloading, sharing, submitting or viewing content. That allows us to provide contextual, relevant advertising to highly targeted audiences, meaning your message will resonate with your desired audience.


Consumers must actively engage with our technology to complete their desired task. Their eyes are trained on our verification interface and they are primed and focused, ready for a relevant advertising experience. This is the opposite of banner blindness (inattentional blindness) that is experienced with most display advertising. With our technology, consumers are engaged in cognitive capture and they are actively participating with the ad platform.

Verified Human

Get maximum effectiveness and only pay for ads viewed by real humans. Unlike other advertising platforms, our system has the underpinnings of strong security engineering that differentiates between humans and computer bots.


The image-based, touch-friendly interface provides an ideal mobile advertising platform. We provide an effective, engaging mobile advertising platform to help you reach your audience, wherever they are.

Positive Audience Experience

Our platform improves the user experience, leaving consumers happy and with a positive association with your brand.

Highly Targeted

Target your ads based upon geography, IP address, content relevance, etc….


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